I remember when the single "Longview" dropped at radio. My comments to my friends was "I love this, but I don't know if our listeners will".  I was wrong, very wrong.  "Dookie" is the greatest selling punk rock album of all time.   More after the jump.


With my "Ultimate Album Collection" series, I'm not ranking albums, I'm saying your music collection isn't complete without the selection. I'm covering many sub-genres of rock and many decades for releases.  Now, back to "Dookie".

Green Day actually had two independent releases before "Dookie" which makes it's success all the more freakish.  More often than not, if a band hasn't made it by that third album, they're packing it in.  Green Day added just enough rock and pop to their punk attitudes and structure and dropped it right in the middle of the grunge revolution.  "Dookie" provided a great new music alternative to lighten the radio mood after a sullen song from the big grunge acts of the day.  What about that song lineup too?  Let's just talk about the hits: "Longview", "Basketcase", "When I Come Around", "Welcome To Paradise" and "She" all received airplay.  Every RARER, all of the songs remain in rotation on FMX and other rock stations nationwide.  Next year this album have it's 20th anniversary and for all of it's hit songs to still be on the radio is crazy.



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