Are you ready for new faces in new places? Well, we've got a big one for you. Whether you like his radio stuff or you are just a fan of great guitar players, this show is for you!

I do believe this will be the first official 94.5 FMX show at the Prima Vista Events Center (402 N Inler) and we're excited. Ayron Jones is coming off two number one songs, "Mercy" and "Take Me Away," and will land at Prima Vista on Friday, October 15th, 2021.

Jones is in huge demand on the festival circuit, and we just so happened to score an open Friday night. Opening the show will be Hounds.

So, here's a new face that's never been to town before. We certainly hope everyone will get out to support this kind of thing so we can bring you more. The same goes for Prima Vista. We're excited to see how they handle an A-list act and FMX listeners.

It's my understanding that Prima Vista has a license for beer and wine only, but that shouldn't be a problem. By October 15th, the nights should have cooled enough to make this a very fun gig for everyone.

Tickets for the show go on sale this weekend at Din Productions and at Ralph's Records, but as usual, we have your first chance to win right now on our VIP page.

We hope everyone will support this show so we can keep bringing you new faces in new places and so the concert calendar will keep filling up. We have a bunch of catching up to do with shows.

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