Halloween is not only my favorite holiday, but it brings the promise of some Fall temperatures.

Who Started The Party?

The usual suspects have their Halloween stuff out. I've made the rounds to At Home, Michaels, and Ross For Less. I have to admit that we ended up with bags of stuff from each and every place.

Who Is The Host Of The Party?

Of course, nothing says Halloween like Spirit Halloween stores opening. I was absolutely stunned over the weekend when someone sent me pictures from inside the store on the 50th. The store is one of three, but it's open now ahead of all of the others. Yes, they are still stocking the shelves, but you can still drop by, shop, and get a huge whiff of that latex and Fall fun that these stores bring.

When Is Everyone Else Going To Join In?

This is a tough question. One of the big players in Halloween these days (literally) is Home Depot. They've already put their 12-foot skeletons and witches on sale online, but I haven't seen any product on the shelves yet. The same goes for Target and Walmart, you can find SOME items online, but not in stores just yet.

When's The Actual Party?

Did you know there's a "Halloween Countdown Clock". There may be even more than one but it's currently displaying 83 days and change until Halloween. While I was at it, I also found a "Countdown To Fall Clock" and it's sitting at 45 days and change. We can make it until then, right?


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