I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chrissy Covington for coming to my rescue.

I could have said “our” rescue, but I guess that folds into the bigger picture.

Chrissy’s one-year anniversary is today (October 19th). It’s been one year since she’s joined The RockShow. Just thinking about the situation she came into is both heartbreaking and brave.

How do you "replace" someone so loved after such a tragic loss? How do you do your job when everyone is still upset about the person that came before you? How do you even sit in that person’s chair? Enough with the tragedy, though. How do you come into a job with no experience on a radio station you grew up listening to? All of this had to be very intimidating.

I knew Chrissy would be a perfect fit the first time I saw her at the Lubbock Laugh Off. I have always had an eye for talent having drafted many 94.5 FMX on-air personalities from people I’ve run into around the Hub City. I will take credit for that much, but the rest is all Chrissy. I don’t want to say that she’s conquered this job with "grace and poise," because that just doesn't seem like words that should be associated with a morning show. Let’s just say that she's rocking it.

I don’t want to get too sappy here, but far too often all of us wait until someone has left us (one way or another) before we take the time to appreciate them. I want to thank Chrissy for being willing to jump into an awful situation and help us turn it around. I'm also going to pretend that some ghostwriter wrote this because I don’t want her to use it against me. (I promise if she says anything about his, my exact words will be 'I don’t know what in the f*** you’re talking about.')

I'm proud to say that not only are we still the #1 morning show in town, but having Chrissy has strengthened that position. I made her promise that she would stay dedicated to the job for 18 months, so here’s hoping the next six months go well.

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