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Hey gang, let's talk about being Pride Month for a bit.

Let me start by saying this is Wes, and I am not FMX. Once you add Chrissy and Renee to the equation you have a pretty good swath of what makes up the station and that's why it says "from your friends at FMX." Most of what you'll (hopefully) read is from my standpoint, but I know Chrissy and Renee Raven well enough to know that they want everyone to have a Happy Pride Month at FMX.

Let's start with me. I was a standard teenager, way too full of testosterone and probably more than a bit homophobic. All that quickly went away in my 20s after spending tons of time with friends, family and musicians who were decidedly not straight. Let me back up for just a second and say I envy those of you who were accepting all along. Anyways, it became apparent from the very beginning that these people were no threat to me, my family, my religion, my way of life or anything I loved.

I am, once again, offering my perspective, but it seemed to me that in the 80s all my gay friends ever really hoped for was to not be hated because asking to be loved seemed like a bridge too far. Maybe they were just like this around me, because who expects a really large, obnoxious, rock and roller type to be a friend?

Times have changed for the most part, but dealing with homophobia and transphobia is still a daily part of life for most of these people who really ask nothing more than the right to exist and be treated as equals. I'm happy to say that I grew up and am so proud that I was able to at least perform the second same-sex marriage in Lubbock -- and the couple is still together! In addition, I can say that I was able to offer some tips and tricks to someone actually in the community who now also performs marriages.

I have to state again that I'm surprised more rockers don't come out in support of the community. My guess is they don't remember back in the day when they were discriminated against because their hair was long or because guys wore earrings. I also understand that we had to lose some people along the way in order to maintain our support and that's okay; we're going to err on the side of acceptance. I just want you to know that if you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community, we see, love and support you.

Keep rockin' and happy Pride Month from Wes, Chrissy & Renee.

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