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The KISS show in Lubbock is getting nearer and nearer. You should feel the heat of The Demon's flames at any moment.

So, of course, FMX has your final hookups. Be listening for the FMX Ticketmonster to score your KISS tickets. We'll start leaning on the FMX concert harbinger very soon. Here's what he sounds like:

It's as simple as being caller nine to 770-KFMX (5369) when you hear the Ticketmonster says "Tickets Good!"

Hey, we do realize you came all the way here though and we don't want you to go away with just information, so how about entering for a pair of tickets online now, too? It's easy to do. We'll give this pair away the Friday before the show, so you'll have time to invite a friend.

So enter that contest right now here, and be listening online with the FMX app or on the radio for that FMX Ticketmonster.

If you're not feeling so lucky, or just don't want to take any chances, you can buy tickets here.

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