Pregame and postgame used to be a lot different around here.

I was just thinking of some of the great concerts we enjoyed in the past and how getting primed for the big event took pretty much the whole day. Imma bullet-point it for you.

*Call a guy about a thing at work.

*Head from work to the Strip to make sure you have enough beer, wine, whiskey, and whatever.

*No time for a full-on dinner, so just grab a barbeque sandwich and maybe some fried gizzards from Pinkies.

*Talk to a guy at the Strip about a thing, if your first guy didn't call you back.

*Call your bros and make sure everybody is cool and get the rides together.

*Go see that guy about that thing. Great, all set now.

*Turn on FMX to make sure the concert didn't cancel (cause it's the eighties and a lot of them did).

*Grab up everybody and head that way.

*Party in the Colesium parking lot blasting FMX out of your stereo, then make a last-minute decision to walk across the street for some chips and hot sauce along with a draft beer at the Copper Caboose.

*Look down at your watch (because you still wore one) and say, "oh sh*t we better get over there.

*Run across the street and get in line, finally you're entering the confines of the Colesium to catch Bon Jovi live.

*Once inside head directly for the beer line, merch can wait until after the show.

*Immediately start sweating balls because the Coliseum doesn't really have any a/c.

*Head to the seats, or floor and wait for the lights to drop.

*Immediately light up the stuff you got from that guy.

*Jockey for the position in front of the stage, it's a balance because the old-school giant speakers are actually on, or right next to the stage, so visibility versus partial deafness is a concern.

*Rock out.

*Get in the car and jam on FMX who is playing "Concert Echos" on the radio.

*Head to the Kettle for the breakfast buffet.

*Try to figure out who's having a party, because you don't have a cell phone or text to help you find out immediately.

*Think to yourself, "well, I can go party for a couple more hours and still get two hours of sleep before I got to work".

*Go home and sleep fifteen minutes before going to work.

*Notice one of your ears is still ringing and there's hot wax dripping out of the other.

*Start planning for the next show.


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