I guess by now you've seen the meme about no one wanting to buy pizza with pineapple on it. Here in Lubbock, there's at least one other item that no one wants.

If you haven't been to a Lubbock store, then you're in for a bit of shock. There are a lot of shelves that have been completely cleared out. It also seems a little random, too. Sure, a lot of staples are gone, but people are also buying up things you might not expect and leaving stuff that they should have.

It's a crazy herd mentality thing where people are just buying up whatever the person in front of them is buying.

One of the things that is CLEARED OUT is beans. You can't get dried beans, and you can't get canned beans. Well, except for these nasties:


Yep, if it ain't New Year's, no one wants the blackeye peas. These even feature a little okra to make them taste ultra-awful.

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