I find the prospect of the new City Of Lubbock logo really interesting.

First off, let's have a look at the old and the new proposed logo.

City Of Lubbock
City Of Lubbock

Pro New Logo

*This is a pretty "hip" looking logo because of the use of the "LBK" abbreviation

*Apparently the logo was made "in house" so Lubbock retains all rights

*Squarish design makes it usable in more places and/or can be used in larger sizes than a more rectangular logo.

*It shows that we are trying to be vibrant and improve the city's image.

*Two-color logs are cheaper to produce than three-color logos.

Con New Logo

*There is no reason for the "City of" part of the logo. It in fact looks like an afterthought. At least make it smaller.

*The use of "LBK" may be "too hip for the room" and not get proper support from older folks

*The old logo has been branded really well and the expense of transitioning to a new one may get ridiculous.

*A transition would be better with the new logo, but the old colors.

*It kind of just looks like political signage and/or a logo from the 70's.

To be quite honest, I actually prefer the logo that was/is being used by the Chamber of Commerce. I'm not sure what happened to that campaign, because I couldn't find a copy of it anywhere except for a mockup I made, which is pretty darn close:


It's been my job to protect one of the most identifiable logos in Texas for many, many years. I don't know if that counts for anything, but even though I like it, the "new logo", it will be transitory at best. It's just not going to have legs or last. I believe that we should change our logo, but go back to the drawing board.

Here's exactly what I'd do:

Take the "City Of" off of it, except when it's used for larger projects, say water towers and such.

Change the colors to something more unique, possibly keeping our current colors.

Change the font on the LBK. People online are already hating that "L" and I have to admit it looks a little too throwback.

It's almost there City Of Lubbock, please take one more whack at it before you settle.

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