A Halloween parade? I'm in!

The ACL will be hosting a Halloween Parade on October 24th from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. The event will be live-streamed or you're welcome to show up and watch, with proper distancing and masks strongly encouraged.

ACL stands for The Atheist Community of Lubbock.  According to a new disparity report the atheist, agnostic and non-religious now make up about 50% of the Lubbock Community yet services lag far behind, making events like this essential.  Oh, and there's also the fact that it's a HALLOWEEN PARADE, which makes it awesome.

Let's check out the press release:


For Immediate Release
Atheist Community of Lubbock Host Halloween Parade
Lubbock, TX, 09/28/2020 — Every year since their founding in 2016 the Atheist Community of Lubbock has hosted an annual Halloween party to help fundraise for the many secular services they provide. This year, because of concerns around covid-19 they have decided to change things up and host a parade! Parade participants can decorate their cars in any halloween theme they choose and there will be prizes for best car design and best costume!


The parade will be live streamed to their facebook page so spectators can watch online with raffles and prizes being given away during the live stream. Participants can register to participate in the parade, or purchase raffle tickets through their website at https://www.atheistsoflbk.com/events-1/acl-halloween-parade-fundraiser 


Businesses or organizations that wish to sponsor the parade or provide prizes can email the Atheist Community of Lubbock at atheistsoflbk@gmail.com
This fundraiser helps to support the many secular support services the Atheist Community of Lubbock provides such as their homeless outreach project, financial assistance for families in need, and a secular mental health support group, which takes on issues such as death, depression, abuse, and addiction from a secular, non religious perspective. For more information on their services, visit their website at www.atheistsoflbk.com
About the Atheist Community of Lubbock
The Atheist Community of Lubbock is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the total separation of church and state, defending those who have been harmed by religious discrimination, helping educate the public on atheism, and building a supportive community that advocates for and supports atheists and other nonreligous individuals.
The Atheist Community of Lubbock strives to be an engaging part of the Lubbock community and build a better, safer, more tolerant environment for people from all walks of life to thrive in.

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