Texas Tech's loss to Iowa State was brutal. I could almost hear that Cajun guy in the stands screaming, "Oh, no...we suck again."

So brutal is a fun word. Instead of just merciless, it is often used to describe the harshest mental hits to the gut. And if that isn't a description of Texas Tech's last game, I don't know what is.

I mean, you're supposed to always win homecoming games, right? Well, it was almost as if Texas Tech tripped over homecoming mums all morning long when the Iowa State Cyclones came to town. So just how brutal was that loss?

  • As brutal as getting the burgers ready and finding white spots on the buns brutal
  • As brutal as losing an air conditioner in July brutal
  • As brutal as watching your motorcycle tip over brutal
  • As brutal as trying to return something without the receipt and the cashier is new brutal
  • As brutal as getting behind a blue hair on the Loop brutal
  • As brutal as throwing up then finding out the other end just joined the party brutal
  • As brutal as mall parking on a Saturday brutal
  • As brutal as finding out your friend masturbates while thinking about your mom brutal
  • As brutal as locking your keys in the car after finding out your wife left you on the same day as your dog died when your house burned down brutal

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