I've always wondered why we accept so much burnt orange around these parts, apparently, I'm not alone.

Texas Tech v Texas
Tim Warner, Getty Images

It's not like I'm suggesting that we burn Texas gear, but I just find it odd that Longhorn gear hangs right next to Tech gear in the stores. You'd think Tech fans would avoid those stores that play both sides, or prank the gear and put it in the little girl's section or something like that.

Well, on with today's poll. When we taste food and drink, we try to be realistic.  We don't rate on a point scale or just good or bad. Since so many "new" food items are put on menus just to get you come by, we rate on a scale of good, bad, and would you buy it again? So yeah, Techs win over Texas made you feel good about the coach, but did it make you feel good enough to buy tickets?  That's the topic of this simple poll.


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