It may seem weird that I'm writing about this, but I love Sharpies. I use one every single day.


I use Sharpies to fill out all of those FMX winner sheets for you guys. On weekends I use Sharpies so I get big, bold visible lines on my construction materials. I always have Sharpies on me at concerts for autographs and at one time I had well over a hundred at the house, just from putting them in my pocket and taking them home.

As much as I love Sharpies, I don't think I love them enough to get the "Sharpie Ultimate Collection". Geez, Louise, that is a buttload of Sharpies. So what will this box of Sharpies cost you? Well the ad that came up on my Facebook feed (they obviously know I love Sharpies somehow) is from Target and it lists the item at $149.

I guess I'll be sticking with my basic black Sharpies. Besides, it would drive me absolutely bonkers if I had this kit and one came up missing.

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