Chrissy and I were talking about his as an aside, and I think it deserves to be brought front and center.

I purchased a house from a real jerk. At the time we thought he was a kindly old gent, but it turns out that he was the terror of the neighborhood and a bit of a scam artist.

When we toured the house it was decked out with cool ceiling fans, mirrors, fixtures and shutters. All of this made the old(er) house look really appealing. In addition, it was just down the street from our current home so we were pretty pumped to grab up the house at a nice price. We sealed the deal and set our moving day.

Like anyone else we moved our stuff into the house and started living life. It wasn't until maybe a month later that we noticed that some of the fixtures and fans, mirrors, and shutters had been taken out and replaced with much cheaper versions. Now, if you are unaware, this isn't exactly legal but we had no pictures or proof anything had been changed.

Then Chrissy told her story of getting a rent a car that had a dent in it. Fortunately, she and her boyfriend had done a 360 around the car and taken pictures because the rental car company tried charging her for the damage.

The moral of these stories is obvious, whenever making large purchases, take pictures, take A LOT of pictures. Your phone should time/date stamp them for you, but just having them is usually enough to fix any future problems that might pop up.

Lubbock’s Epic $2 Million Dollar Home Has an Indoor Basketball Court

Lubbock’s Epic $2 Million Dollar Home Has an Indoor Basketball Court


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