If you're expecting this to be partisan, it's not.

I am of the belief that our politicians should be our representatives, not just another vote for one side. I also believe that we need to look closer at what we truly need in our area and elect the person most likely to work for our causes. Most of all, I believe that every politician should take ownership of everything that happens beneath them.

It's just the sign of a good boss -- taking ownership. The best bosses take responsibility for the lowliest employee's screwups. They know if that employee screwed up, it's probably because they were not trained properly, weren't given the tools to succeed, or weren't managed properly. This is the way the best bosses in the world operate.

The same should go for politicians, regardless of party. If their constituents aren't heeding the health warnings you're giving them, then they need to try a different approach. If supplies aren't getting where they need to be, then they need to do what they can to move things along. If people are dying on your watch, it's your responsibility.

Taking ultimate ownership is the way the best bosses behave and the way the best politicians should behave. We need leaders, and we need those leaders to show those under them how to lead. Sure, we must all take personal responsibility, but someone who has power over you, whether it's your paycheck or other resources, must bear the ultimate responsibility when things aren't going well.

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