I have pretty much checked out of all the fussin' and fightin' on Facebook. I still state an opinion or two on my own page, but I do not, without exception, comment on anyone else's post.

Internet Cafe

My new practice has kept me biting my tongue quite a bit, and guess what? Sometimes folks figure stuff out without my help.

I am specifically referring to the picture of the Seatle Seahawks burning the American flag in their locker room. The picture is 100% photoshopped, it NEVER happened. Somebody trying to make the team or the protests look bad 'shopped that one and put it on the web.

Well, I keep seeing the picture pop up and without my help, folks are jumping in and correcting the outraged folks who post it. Imagine that, I didn't have to be the internet police.

It feels good to not have to get involved, but those of us taking a breather really appreciate those of you who do. Despite a person's politics, there's no need to lie to prove a point and I appreciate you folks who point that out.

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