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Have you heard of the Stanley Hotel? It's the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write the story of the Overlook Hotel in the movie The Shining ("Herrrrrrrrrre's Johnnnnnny!").

Morgan Mann

The Stanley Hotel is in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. It's flat-out majestic, but inside it's got that spooky old hotel vibe and downstairs it even has pictures posted from The Shining. Many folks have claimed to have experienced spooky events in the hotel.

At the time I stayed at the hotel, I was questioning a lot of things in my life. One was my belief in anything supernatural. Let me clear, too. When I say "questioning," I wasn't just wondering. I remember being in bed at the Stanley, saying, "come on, show me something." For a second there, I thought I heard some scratching noises, but it was just somebody walking around on the floor above me.

So the scene is set. I challenged the supernatural to either show me something or just F-off out of my brain. I had gone to a late night reception in the Stanley's famous haunted ballroom. I got tired of being around radio folk (they can be very tiresome) and I went out to have a smoke on the front porch of the Stanley Hotel. That's when I saw something weird.

That story is in the video.


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