I can't even believe the gall of some people. If you're working on the taxpayer's
dime, the least you could do is stay current on your taxes.

Sarah Robinson, Thinkstock
Sarah Robinson, Thinkstock

A KCBD report turned up at least one case of a local judge who owed nearly $70,000 in taxes. Yes, that's SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

Let's think about things this way. Do you know many jobs now require a credit report? Do you know why?  They figure if you have lousy credit that among other things, you might be likely to steal, or at least be irresponsible because you don't take care business. It also makes people think they you might be swayed or even blackmailed by people who will leverage your dirty little secret.

There's no place in politics for people who don't pay their own way.  They should be cited or censored immediately and give a short time if any time at all to get their business current, or have their position vacated.

There is just no room for this nonsense. If you owe nearly 80k, you are pulling some serious bullshittery. You don't just make a tiny mistake to come up with a tax bill like that. Arrears of that much means serious neglect.  The judge in question here should resign immediately.  I don't care how low they've been working on this problem, this kind of debt should make you ineligible to be a public servant.


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