A large number of Ford Rangers and Mazda B Series trucks have been under a recall for airbag issues related to faulty inflators made by the now-bankrupt Takata.

The model that has the US Department of Transportation worried is the 2006 model. It is currently under a 'Do Not Drive' warning because of this issue. The DOT states that only 49 percent of Fords and 55 percent of Mazdas have been fixed. That leaves around 17,500 trucks on the road that have not been fixed.

Ford and Mazda will have an affected vehicle towed to a dealership and repaired at no cost.

Being a Ranger owner myself, I know the importance of getting this fixed ASAP.

If you are unsure about any vehicle you own and its recall status, you can go to the NHTSA and use their VIN lookup to see if your vehicle is affected.

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