It's amazing to me that anyone would even talk about restricting birth control, at all, ever.


You know where they don't fight? Places where there aren't many people. We wouldn't fight over territories or resources if there were more than enough to go around. I'm sure there might be a few piggish sorts who would try to horde things, but the key to everything seems to be "too many people".

Population growth is exponential.  While some people stick with the 2.5, sometimes two people make six, then six make twenty-four and so on until things are out of control.

I can't imagine bringing a new child into the world right now. Sure, the time is never going to be perfect and you can hope for better times, but seriously, you want a kid to live through this sh@t show?

It doesn't really matter if you think things are on the right track or not, eventually there will be no room or no resources. It seems to me that wrapping your willy or taking a pill is better than having a kid that may face a very ugly world.

Let's quit talking about you, though? What about "that other guy"? You all know a guy who should not breed for one reason or another. Hey, hook that brother up with a condom. Maybe a whole bunch. We don't need his kids breathing up all the air.


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