It looks like the permit-less carry of handguns is about to be approved.

I'm sorry that I'm not up in arms about this. I kind of think this genie was let out of the bottle a long, long time ago.

Under the new law, Texans will be able to carry whatever firearm they like with no permit. Guess what? They were doing it anyway. All this is going to do is make it legal.

I just don't believe that anyone who wanted to carry a gun wasn't already doing it. It's the same as with marijuana laws; people know what they want and they're going to do it, whether there's a law in place or not.

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I don't believe that things will get any wilder around here than they already are for a minute. Once again, I wish there was some way we could get rid of some of the violence done by people with guns, but I don't think those people were letting a half-day of training get in their way of having a firearm to begin with.

I would encourage everyone who plans on carrying to be as safe as possible, because you surely don't want to hurt or kill someone due to an accidental discharge or poorly-aimed shot. (If nothing else, you want to be a better shot than the other guy, right?)

I could go more into this, but I think the real bottom line is that things around Texas probably won't change on any measurable level at all.

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