The City Council will most likely ask voters what to do about the Lubbock Coliseum and Auditorium in May.

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At this point, the city's official stance seems to be that it costs more to run it than to tear it down.  For whatever reason, the Coliseum seems to only be used for dirt floor events like Monster Trucks and the Rodeo, while the Auditorium is used infrequently by touring acts.

I guess it's just time for the old gals to go, but do keep in mind, there's nothing really coming along to replace them. I guess whatever the Buddy Holly Thingy is might pick up a few of those Auditorium shows, but a better guess is that a lot of Auditorium shows will find that place too expensive.

The loss of a venue is always a bad thing. The fewer options available, the more reasons not to play Lubbock. This is alongside that fact that there seems to be way less touring events in the first place, with a lot of music acts being sucked up by large festivals as well.

My hope is that Texas Tech will put some kind of parking there to help the students and the game day crowds.

It's being reported that the City Council will probably vote to add the fate of these structures to the ballot on Thursday.


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