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The RockShow asked Lubbock residents to tell us just how insanely hot it was outside today, and, as always, their answers were hilarious.

If you have one of your own, be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page. Enjoy!


"It’s so hot granny farted just to get a little breeze." - Susie Sweigart

"It's so hot I set the house on fire just to cool off." - Jay Boyd

"It's so hot Optimus Prime transformed into an air conditioner." - Jay Boyd

"It’s so hot that my corn on the cob popped." - Andi Janow
"It’s so hot that Ron Roberts will break out his Speedo." - Nick Harpster
"It's so hot I don’t need a microwave to heat up my lunch." - Joseph Ray
"It’s hotter than two rats breeding in a wool sock!" - Wes Wicker
"It’s so hot I texted my ex and told her to come over just so I could be around something shady." - Kyle Whitefeather
"It's so hot the Buddy Holly statue got sunburned." - Adam Hernandez
"It's so hot, mosquitos are calling Uber." - Ranney M. Lawrence
"It's so hot my fajitas came out room temp." - Brandon Paz
"It's so hot that the ranch smells like steak, eggs, and bacon!!" - Joe Caballero
"It’s so hot I saw a funeral procession pull through a Dairy Queen." - Lukky Rodriguez
"You shouldn't keep your money in your sock today." - Josh Cuevas
"I asked Ron Roberts if he had change for a hundred and he said "Not this week."
- Brandon Paz
"It’s hotter than a Reagor Dykes check outside!" - Lukky Rodriguez
"It's hotter than a well digger's asshole." - Nicole Connelley
Thanks to everyone who contributed. I hope you guys stay cool this summer!

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