Christopher Furlong, Getty Images
Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

So who wants to celebrate?

Americans aren't really sophisticated when it comes to chocolate. I won't get into the technical reasons, let's just say that we've gotten used to mass-produced candy bars that actually feel a little waxy to the tongue and with a little tanginess from the processing of the milk.

There are some very good bars out there that are readily available that are just a notch above. They're smoother, creamier and once you take the time to savor them, rather than just eat them in a hurrier, you'll appreciate the difference.

I'm not going to get "high-falutin'" here, you can walk into Walgreen for example and score any of these. Grab up a "Dove Milk Chocolate Bar" for one of the smoothest, creamiest mass-produced bars anywhere. Cadbury has the patented "Dairy Milk Bars" which are actually better overseas, but pretty darn good here. Ghiradelli and Lindt are also pretty darn luxurious tasting next to a random Hershey's bar too.

Don't get me wrong, I will throw down a Snickers, Reeces or pretty much anything with or dipped in chocolate, but once you take time to savor some chocolate, you'll find it to be an amazing vacation for your mouth.


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