It all started with the thought, "wouldn't it be great if I could clip my shopping list on here?"

I had the thought about a clip for shopping lists, then immediately took it a step further; what is it had a place to set your phone, and what if when you pushed the cart is charged your phone? I was then hit with the reality, the reason none of those things exist is because some of you have chosen to eject lap monsters from your naughty bits.

There was a time when having kids was a full-time job. Now, don't get me wrong, having a kid or two IS a full-time job, but I'm talking about the days when people spat out a half or full dozen of the little gremlins. In those days it was necessary that you imprison one or more in your shopping cart just so you could buy yourself some salt pork, tapioca and sasparilla to make it through the week.

The days of a huge family are gone. Some people have even made the sane choice to limit their small human output. Supermarkets should reflect that.  There should be toddler baskets stuck in the corner for the breeders out there, just the same way Home Depot has a select few of those race car baskets for folks with kids (and frat boys).

Do you think I'm being a little harsh here? Are you thinking, "but I like putting stuff in that top basket where the kids sit"? Think about this, some kid with a diaper full of last nights strained carrots sat there. You are LITERALLY putting your groceries on top of a toilet.

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