A lot of people ask me, "where do you get the time to do all that?"  My answer would be, "how are you wasting so much time?"

park cleanup

I like to do a bit of volunteering. I wouldn't say it's that much. It's really just a few hours here and there and it's incredibly fulfilling. I like having value and contributing as a citizen.

It's really not that hard to get started volunteering and it doesn't require that you join an organization or make a long term commitment. You can call most places and tell them what date or hours you have available and they'll find something for you.

Even better, is putting together your own crew to do your own projects. If there's a trashy area by your house, call a few friends and clean it up. Sure, that IS supposed to be someone else's job, but by you doing it, it allows those man hours to be used elsewhere.

Be the person who will visit people in the hospital (some people just can't handle that). Go throw food in boxes at the food bank or help deliver meals. I'll be there's someone on your street that could use some help repairing a fence or even an access ramp.

Here's the bottom line. You are not going to make your world, your community or your life better by sitting around bitching about politics on the internet.  You are also not going to miss a few hours away from video games or t.v.  You WILL have incredible satisfaction and make change for the better with just a few volunteer hours a month.

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