Lubbock is filled with lots of different foods to try and one restaurant in particular is rebranding with an amazing new food you didn't know you needed. Quince's Taco Shack Taqueria and Mexican Grill is a newly rebranded restaurant, formerly known as Tipsy's Grill and Bar, in the Eastern part of Lubbock. This restaurant is located at 5001 Avenue Q. suite A, just behind the Walgreens, and is a very hidden gem just waiting to serve up some big puffy flavors.

Just a Bite

I obviously had to try this place before writing about it so I went incognito for their popular puffy tacos that sounded like I would be dining on cloud nine. When you walk into this restaurant you will most likely go in through the side entrance since it's closer to the parking lot. When you enter through that door it will look like you are on a vacation cruise with the flamingos and tropical theme they are going for aesthetically. If you take the time to look around you will also see names in a neon sign type font of all of Paulina Madrid's children, and their spouses, which lets you know this is a place where all families are welcome to laugh and enjoy each other's company.

Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media
Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media

Buen Provecho!

While I sat down I noticed the two pool tables in the back and the many televisions playing many of the different sports games that were going on so I could stay up to date with scores while I dined. I was given the option of chips and salsa or pork rinds (chicharrones) and queso which I could not pass up and for $8 was very impressed. The pork rinds were made fresh and were literally crackling as they were delivered to my table and even after 30 minutes still popped as I dipped them in my freshly grated and melted queso.

I ordered the infamous puffy tacos filled with chicken with rice and beans and let me tell you I was super impressed. As a proud Latino I love almost all Mexican food and never in my life had any taco so light and airy while being filled with so much flavor. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the rice was fluffy but the star was very much the puffy fresh made tortillas that are made fresh in-house. While I did enjoy the food I very much loved the environment and how I could see myself and a couple of friends hanging out there after work or church.

Why the Change?

Quince's Taco Shack just rebranded to this new restaurant which was originally named Tipsy's after Paulina Madrid's daughter Quincenera Adjuntas, who sadly passed away due to suicide, and then renamed to Quince's after there was concern over the name Tipsy's. That is due to the restaurant being close to an elementary school, even though there are other places that serve alcohol in closer proximity, and have not been able to obtain their license to sell alcohol for fears of the name implying drunkenness. The name Tipsy actually comes from the nickname given to Quincenera as a child since she would walk on her Tippy Toes, or as a child would pronounce it Tipsy Toes. While Quince's Taco Shack cannot sell alcohol they are BYOB and just charge $5 for you to enjoy all that they have to offer.

Here We Are in the Future

Paulina keeps the memory of her daughter alive in this restaurant with a big picture of Quince overlooking the restaurant so that she can enjoy the community that has gathered in her namesake. Paulina does hope that she can get that license to sell alcohol so that she can have a proper Taco Tuesday with puffy tacos and margarita's as patrons enjoy a game of pool. Tipsy's was Paulina's dream and that dream lives on as Quince's Taco Shack as she works hard to make her dream come true and be her reality come true.

Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media
Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media

Quince's Taco Shack does do catering for all events, and has a food truck, but starting the first week of October they will be on DoorDash for delivery, and hopefully all the other delivery apps soon. Quince's Taco Shack is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and after football season is usually open even later, more information can be found on their social media, they do call in orders as well at 806-224-1802.

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