This isn't a good look at all.

In a new survey, Texas came in #1 when it comes to cheating. So what is "cheating"? I know your mind probably went toward the area of cheating on a spouse or partner, but this survey covers a lot more cheating than that.

The survey, published at "", has several categories of cheating, from cutting in line to fudging on diets and lying about one's age. As far as cheating on a spouse, it's discussed but the actual metric may or may not be included. When all of these things are added up, Texas takes the top spot.

So what does all of this mean? It means watch your back in Texas. Apparently, Texans don't have a problem cutting a corner here or there if it benefits them in some way.

The results of this survey take an even crazier turn when you head West. New Mexico residents are the least likely to cheat. You'd think morals would fade with distance, but there's apparently a sharp cutoff between those who cheat and those who don't at the Texas/New Mexico border.

For those of us who live in Texas, we know that this survey is pretty accurate. We've got a large segment of the population who like to do dirty business all week long, then get out of hand on Saturdays, then go to church on Sunday as if they weren't sinnin' the night before.

Nearly two thousand people were surveyed to come up with the results of this survey, then again I'm cheating by saying "nearly two thousand" instead of 1,992, because "nearly two thousand sounds much more impressive.

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