While many Lubbock locals are keeping an eye out for new businesses coming to the Hub City, there are more subtle changes to existing spots that are just as exciting.

From new hours to changing menus, sometimes these small updates can be exciting and refreshing for those that frequent existing businesses. A great example of this recently happened at a Lubbock favorite.

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Curby’s Express Market, located at 19th and Milwaukee is a go-to for many locals. From a wide variety of beverages, food items, and daily necessities, it is known to be a one-stop-shop when you are looking for a quick and easy breakfast or lunch solution.

While they are mostly loved for their wide variety of iced tea options, they have a beverage update that coffee lovers will enjoy.

As of March 2024, they are serving coffee from a Lubbock favorite, Sugar Browns Coffee.

You can get the coffee and signature lattes you love from the local coffee shop, with the convenience of Curby’s location and fast service.

We are seeing more local partnerships like this across Lubbock, including University Medical Center’s main campus lobby now serving Monomyth Coffee. I enjoy seeing these partnerships throughout the Hub City and I hope we see more in the future.

Coming together as a community and supporting each other is incredibly important, especially when it comes to small local businesses. If you know of any other partnerships similar to this, please let me know so they can be shared with others.

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