When it comes to education, Texas needs to do gooder.

That was a joke. Texas needs to do better. Texas came in as number 41 in the "Most Educated States" list by Wallethub. The 2023 study was based on a number of factors including one that really helped drag us to the bottom.

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Texas is behind just one state, California, in the number of high school diploma holders. For those of you who didn't take math or statistics, that's 49th out of 50. This is the worst of the worst and we're fighting for the title.

I firmly believe that our high school graduation rate needs to be looked into and pronto. If someone has these basic skills their chances of doing okay in life skyrocket. It is just pure baseline knowledge that can still lead to any number of careers. Everything gets easier if you are just a tiny bit well-rounded and I feel like that's what a complete high school education sets you up for.

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The survey uses 18 metrics, and you can get more details here. It's interesting that coming out on top as the "Least Educated State" is West Virginia, which actually has a higher high school graduation rate than Texas.

There are a number of ways you can dissect this information. Without getting lost in the weeds, one could easily deduce that there are education opportunities here, but a lot of people are being left behind.


If you happen to have kids I implore you to stay on them until they can graduate. I know it's very hard and there are a million factors to grabbing that diploma, but the state of Texas needs smart people and that starts in your home.

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