I guess I've never promoted this, but I have a pretty good Saturday night laid out for everyone.

Credit: Wes Nessman (FMX/TSM) and Jme Brock
Credit: Wes Nessman (FMX/TSM) and Jme Brock

It's one of the most popular shifts on the radio station, and I give total credit to the music. Speaking frankly, on Saturday nights I get to break a lot of rules and it makes a perfect background for your garage parties, parties in the park or just chilling around the house.

First, off, I put all kinds of little surprises on the air. By surprises, I mean cool songs that you may not have heard in a while, or don't hear that much. I also have a cool lineup of features.

The show gets underway at 7. The rest of the lineup goes like this:

8:00. The Eight O'Clock Rock Block, four songs from one band (and usually really, really rockin').

9:00. Dimetime at Nine. It's a track from Pantera or Damageplan in honor of Dimebag Darrell.

10:00. The 10:00 News.  Four brand new songs for you to check out.

11:00. Mandatory Metallica. 15-20 minutes of solid Met. Lately, I've been including tracks from the Dallas show.

12:00.  The Midnight Snack. This is generally four songs on a theme. I've done themes ranging from Midnight Metal Shop to simple themes like songs with the word "Freak" in the title.

I've got tons of compliments on the show and listeners have responded big time. This show is about as close as you can get to what I'd do if I had a radio station of my very own. I hope you'll give it a shot, it's a lot of fun for everyone.

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