Get ready for something that's going to blow your mind.

I've already written about my great love for the huge bags of tortilla chips you get at United. I could also tell you that On The Border makes the best chips for nachos (they reheat really well). I also get in the mood for Santitas every now and then, but when it comes to straight-up cravability with no dips or salsa, then you have to put Julio's at the front of the line.

I guess at this point I should let you know that you can get that Julio's seasoning all by itself. I don't know what you'd put it on other than corn chips, but the answer might possibly be everything. They also make the "Freakin' Hot Chips" which will ruin youre day and possibly the next morning. You've probably tried Julio's salsa by now, but I haven't seen the Chicharonnes (probably because I wasn't looking).

Now comes a new extension to their product line, Julio's taco shells. Holy smokes, these look to be exact replicas of the chips, but in a taco shell form. I can't even imagine what level these will take my tacos to. I'm thinking, skies part-angels sing kind of glory.

I believe you may be able to find some of these locally, but I would imagine they are at least temporarily a bit scarce. I did find it interesting that you can find all of their other products in their online store, but these aren't included.  I think these shells are a game-changer and people are going to forget about those Doritos shells really quickly once they get a hold of them.


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