Some city officials are being put on the hot seat and they don't seem to want to answer questions.

KCBD lit up the City of Slaton over accusations that the city purchased firearms at a jacked-up price from a store owned by the City of Slaton Administrator. If the accusations are true, there are a couple of problematic things.

No. 1, You'd think the city would get the best or at least a fair price for purchases, and no. 2,i t's very hinky that the money cycled back into the pocket of somebody who spends the city's money.

Let's not pretend that KCBD is just a bunch of carpetbaggers putting their nose in someone else's business. They were obviously tipped off by residents of Slaton who were tired of what sure seems to be "good ol' boy behavior." This is a case of the media being the only place where these frustrated, and possibly frightened, residents could turn to.

By KCBD shining a light on these accusations, maybe some outside law enforcement will step in -- in fact, further accusations of shady behavior have been listed on the KCBD Facebook page, and now KAMC is putting a spotlight on the gamerooms on the Slaton Highway.

Small town Texas cities are notorious for being run by a few families, having skeletons in the closet, and employing selective justice. It's 2021, and a lot of these towns/families/government officials are going to find out that in the age of the internet, it's not so easy to get away with skullduggery anymore -- and that's a good thing.

I very much understand people that want the simple, small-town life. That doesn't mean that they should have to sacrifice good government. Good on KCBD for exposing this nonsense.

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