While their handsome host is off doing spooky stuff, past winners of the Lubbock Laugh Off will gather for a knockdown, drag-out, show.

We accomplished something that I think is amazing for Lubbock; twenty standing room only shows in a row (2 at the Tiki followed by 18 at World Of Beer). The comedy scene here in Lubbock is thriving and now you have a chance to see the best of the best.

Each time we've held the Lubbock Laugh Off we've crowned a winner who then gets to do a headline set the next time around. This time we're grouping together a bunch of those winners for a great night of local stand up.

On the bill will be Ranney, Steven Feldman, Caleb Davis, Aaron Durbin, Joe Cash, Kimothy Williams, Chris Hobart and JJ Howell.  Each comedian will perform around a seven-minute set. You should be amazing punch drunk after being hit with joke after joke on life in Lubbock, relationships, the weird stuff that goes on in this world and more.


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