Update: The woman in the viral TikTok video has reached out to 94.5 FMX with her side of the story.

While she asked to remain anonymous, she told us that the TikTok video uploaded by Taco Bell fast food employees was misleading and didn't show the entire story.

Here's what she said about the incident:

The manager on duty informed me that they were out if nacho fries . So I asked if I could have my money back or a replacement since I already spent the money. He tells me, 'I don't know what to tell you , you ordered online.'

I then stated I was going to call the police because I paid for something. They don't have it, which is OK, but to refuse to give me my money back or something else in place of it was not OK. When I stated I would call the police as that is theft, another employee starts yelling 'call the cops for what, are you stupid!! I'll beat your ass and your daughter's.'

My daughter is 14. There was no reason for a threat to be made to her or myself. So at that point when my daughter was threatened I started screaming back at her to never speak to my child again and called her a few choice words as I was on the phone for that reason. Then she says 'how old are you, does she talk to you like that' and I yelled again 'do not address my daughter.'

But the clip of course does not show the whole story or the reason I got loud and angry, which was my daughter being threatened for no reason. And so now my daughter is being bullied because of this video clip with a false title that only shows me flipping out and on the phone AFTER the threat was made to my daughter. I am in [the] process of contacting my lawyer and have been in contact with the district manager and those employees are now without a job.

It's just not fair that someone can post a small clip of a situation with a lie for the title and it go to all of these different websites such as this one and be turned into something that it wasn't and now my daughter and myself have to deal with that embarrassment.

Original story: Have you ever called the cops because the food you wanted from a restaurant was no longer on the menu? No? Me either.

The same cannot be said for a woman who was recently the subject of a TikTok video posted by user @pjmossell. The video depicts a woman allegedly calling the police because the restaurant "didn't have nacho fries."

It's pretty extreme for someone to actually call the police because a restaurant doesn't have what they want on the menu. It also appears that maybe the employees didn't do much of anything to de-escalate the situation, either.

The video picks up after the initial argument over nacho fries, the truth of which I suppose we will regretfully never know. How will we ever go on?

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I feel a little bit bad for the daughter in the video, who looks pretty annoyed standing next to her mother who is clearly having a moment. The employees yell some things to the woman's daughter and are told very sternly by the woman, "Don't address my daughter."

So, is this just another instance of an entitled white lady demanding what they want like a big friggin' baby? Or is there a little more to the story than what TikTok let on?

In any case, it's worth remembering to be on your best behavior in restaurants, whether you are working or ordering dinner. You never know who is out to turn you into a TikTok star over something as stupid as Nacho Fries. They aren't even that good. Chalupa's on the other hand? Those things are probably worth calling the police over.

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