Is this really your last chance to win?

Congrats to Aaron A. who won four in a row to see the show. It will indeed be your last chance to win online. We will have other opportunities for people to win on-air or in person, but we wanted to give you one more quick way to enter since this is a SOLD OUT show.

The Jelly Roll show announcement came as quite a surprise to us and it really kind of broke open the concert season. We now have Alice Cooper, Incubus/Tacos & Tequila, Blue October, Welcome To the Spider-Verse, and the 42nd FMX Birthday Bash still to come. In addition, we also have the opportunity for you to see Metallica live in theaters. You can sign up for tickets to all of those shows here.

So let's review before we get to the big moment. Jelly Roll will be at United Supermarkets Arena on August 29th. That's a Tuesday night, but no one seems to be complaining about it. The show, as mentioned, is a "technical" sell-out, meaning there still might be some singles here and there. I would also keep my ears perked for news about any last-minute releases (often artists hold some tickets back to thwart scalpers and/or because they don't know how much space production is taking up).

So how about it? Have you ever won a radio or online contest before? Today could be the day. All we need is your name, email, and phone number (and the only reason we need those is to tell you if you won). So get with it and enter below for TWO tickets to see Jelly Roll!

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