There are plenty of super common places to take selfies in Lubbock. At Texas Tech games. Near the big Buddy Holly glasses. At the Buddy Holly statue. The windmill museum. You name it, someone has done it.

Here are a few slightly more obscure places for your next selfie. I would highly recommend snapping a few shots of yourself at these lesser-known spots for high-quality photos. Enjoy!

  1. The bathroom at Skooners with some random girl you don't know, after way too many shots of Jack Daniels.
  2. In front of Spanky's while pondering your existence directly after demolishing an entire order of frackin' huge cheese sticks. Holy crap.
  3. At Nightmare On 19th Street while you casually check to see if anyone notices that you have indeed wet your pants bad... again.
  4. In front of Ralph's Records after spending all of your rent money on stuff you probably don't need. Well, you might need it. I mean, you DO need it.
  5. On top of the crow's nest at the Lone Star Oyster Bar. It's everyone's favorite place to hide out from that one guy that won't stop telling you he likes your eye color and that you'd fit right in with all of the other tall women in his family. 'You lookin' strong, girl.' Umm yeah. You lookin' creepy, sir. Laterzzzz.
  6. While you drive around in your car on the loop. I mean, f*** it, right? Everyone you pass is doing it too -- while applying make-up, talking on the phone, and cramming a McChicken down their throat. You want to fit in, right?

Alright, alright. Enough of that. Here are some more normal selfies taken in iconic Lubbock spots, submitted by our listeners. Ain't no shame in the selfie game. We love your beautiful faces in our favorite places!

Listeners Submit Selfies From Favorite Local Hangs






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