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Once again, Lubbock has another head-scratching car wreck. While many crashes are mystifying, this one is a downright enigma. I am glad they missed the fire hydrant, somehow, on the other side of it.  I sincerely hope no one was hurt, and luckily it doesn't appear that way.

So let's speculate on what could have caused this weird wreck:

Jersey Mike is very serious about the restraining order.

The invisible slippy slide was real slippy.

A poor reenactment of that one scene from Beetlejuice.

Leaned over to grab the CD of Crazy Town's legendary album, The Gift of the Game.

Revenge for the latest LP&L bill.

Secret repressed electrocution fetish.

Tokyo Drift became Tokyo Slip

Overshot trying to hit a house, because it's been a day since the last time that's happened in Lubbock.

Whatever the reason, I highly encourage all of us to put down the phones and pay attention more to the roads. I see very distracted people driving all the time. And of course, never ever drive drunk. An Uber or a Lyft is a tiny, tiny fraction of what you'll pay instead of the court costs of a DWI, or the medical bills if you get hurt.

There's just no good reason for Lubbock to be this notoriously bad about car wrecks. It's a grid, people, and it's not like we have hills to navigate or trees to dodge either. There's no scenic switchbacks or even any places you need to parallel park.

Things happen, and it's entirely possible this person had a mechanical issue, but as a whole, we can and should do better.

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