Can we take a few moments and hit some high marks in Texas Tech sports this week?

Texas Tech Baseball vs Duke- NCAA Super Regional 061018
Ashley Wirz,

I am just not happy with my last blog of the week being about racist frat rats (I'm pretty sure Tech didn't want to start their weekend that way either).  So, how about we go through what Tech did in the positive column this week? I'm not the biggest sports guy, but a couple of things Tech accomplished this week definitely should be acknowledged.

First off, apparently big things are planned for former Texas Tech roundballer Zhaire Smith. He was drafted, then immediately traded to a team with a chance at the playoffs, the Philidelphia 76ers.  There's just something about the way this went down that makes you think there's a real place for Zhaire in the NBA.

Next up, how about the Red Raider Baseball team? It's always disappointing to not come home with a trophy, but this is the 3rd time in 5 years that the team has gone to the college world series. That's a pretty high mark under coach Tim Tadlock.

Finally, one more note on Tech sports that I wanted to drop-don't count Coach Kingsbury out this season. The guy is smart, very smart, and if there's a way to win this year, I'll bet he finds it.

So, to keep things positive this week, maybe when this hits Facebook you can even give the school some thumbs up. Good job Tech!

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