I wanted to take a minute and thank the performance group Little Miss Nasty, who opened and performed during Saturday's show at the Amp.

Justin Massoud
Justin Massoud

I was a little skeptical about this burlesque act on the bill, but the crowd ate it up. I thought it all to be a tiny bit too much -- like a stripper show without stripping. But one moment made it all make sense to me.

Little Miss Nasty obviously have awesome taste in music. You can probably attribute that to the leader Gina, who also is in a band called Gina and the Easter Block. The bit that started with Korn's cover of "Another Brick in the Wall" was awesome and got everyone rockin'.

I didn't have my true epiphany though until the bridge of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing in the Name Of," when it starts proclaiming "F--k you, I won't do what you tell me." It was at that moment that it became apparent that Little Miss Nasty was owning their sexuality, not giving it away. They weren't here for your pleasure; they were here for their pleasure. And if you wanted to watch, then it's okay. You may have also noticed many sexy looks, but none of that fake smile BS.

I give big props to Gina and the girls for presenting things in a way that's very sexy, very athletic and very hot while not playing to the cheap seats. While my headline is a joke, I do hope they visit again and again and continue to show that you can rock, be sexy and be in charge all at the same time.

Check out more Little Miss Nasty pictures below, courtesy Gabriel Madrid.


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