The pandemic left most of us a little tight on cash and if you are looking for a free haircut for the kiddos then this will be right up your alley. On Monday, August 9th between 10 am and 2 pm, you can take your kids in for a free haircut back to school haircut at Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy.

Not only will your kids be looking sharp at no cost to you, but the students at the academy will also get to practice cutting children's hair, which is probably a pretty important skill to possess.

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Plus, now you don't have to cut your kid's hair by yourself. Lord knows it didn't go well last time, and you should stop entertaining the idea of doing it again. Hair grows back, but those school photos are forever. I still haven't forgiven my mom for a number of haircuts, and then there was the perm that we just don't talk about in my family anymore.

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy has three different locations. One is here in Lubbock at 7615- B University Ave and the other is located in Amarillo along with the Wade Gordon Barber Academy.

Take advantage of the savings and grab those free haircuts while you can! There is a limited window of time, and appointments are walk-in only, so you may want to arrive early. Enjoy a tax-free weekend while stocking up on cheap school supplies, and then top it off with a free haircut on Monday! Good luck in the new school year!

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