We lost some real iconic folks in 2016,  but of course, more survived.

Ozzy Osbourne
Peter Kramer, Getty Images

It sure seems like we hit a lot of back to back deaths. Bowie and Prince were a heck of a one two punch, but a lot of the folks who made rock great are getting old.  Mick and Keith from the Stones are 73.  Ozzy and Tommy from Black Sabbath both check in at 68. Cher is 70.

Some of those iconic public figures and actors are aging quick too. Jack Nicholson is 79. Robert Deniro is 73 and Hans Solo/Harrison Ford is 74.

Exercise guru Richard Simmons  and Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant are both 68, and Clint Eastwood is a crusty 86. Fonzie (Henry Winkler) and Pete Townsend of The Who are both 71.

I guess my message is pretty clear, we should be thankful for all the legends and icons who still walk among us.

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