Oscar Mayer is hiring the next batch of spokespeople to drive around the United States in the big ol' Wienermobile. What could be more fun than riding around in a giant hotdog?

I was surprised to learn that you have to be a graduating college senior to qualify for the esteemed 1-year assignment of driving a massive wiener around the country. It says the pay is competitive, but upon further inspection, your one year contract only gets you a whopping 30k. Not exactly what you thought you'd make right after you finished school, but hey, how hard could it be?

The job of a Hotdogger is essentially being a brand ambassador for Oscar Mayer through radio, television appearances, charity events, and so on. You never know. You might ride that wiener all the way to the top! Plus, driving that thing is probably pretty fun.

So if you are a college graduate looking for a job amid the pandemic, maybe you should consider taking a year to travel with Oscar Mayer. Become a Hotdogger!. You would feel like a total celebrity, except for the times you were incredibly depressed and isolated, looking out the window of your hotel room at that big and glorious wiener car in the parking lot, wondering why you chose this life.

You could have been a doctor.

Check out the job posting here and good luck applying. If anyone happens to really apply for it and even get to the interview process, I'd love to hear about it. Comment below or tell us on our Facebook page.

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