A lot of people had a very disappointing 4th of July and the only one that can be blamed is mother nature

The Call

Imagine you're the "Interim" Fire Marshall.  You don't even have the job yet and you have to decide whether to cancel one of the largest free festivals in the U.S. and ruin 4th of July for a lot of people.  I don't even know who this person is, but they made the right call and should not lose one minute of sleep over it. In fact, this decision should actually be "points" toward getting the job.

The Danger

The storms hit at the perfectly wrong time.  We had a park packed with people that is prone to flooding, possibly lightning strikes, wind, rain, and electrical equipment all around. There was also staging, tents, and awnings brought by people that could easily be blown away and hurt someone. There is also the fact that. Now before we continue, one of the best quotes ever:

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals..." - Agent K/Men In Black

The People

People in large groups do dumb things and they are dangerous. How many times have you head somebody try to justify a bad decision by saying, "Well every was______so I did too"?  Can you just imagine if a bolt of lightning, a falling piece of staging, or even a mini flash-flood happened in that group of people? There's no real shelter out there, things could have gone very wrong, very fast.

The Solution

Everyone begins to shout "RESCHEDULE!" before they think about it. It's not going to happen, ever...unless you know about it in advance (And trust me, no one screams louder than people who were getting something for free). First off, the traveling band is no doubt onto another town. Even the local bands may have other commitments. What about all of the volunteer's, the rented equipment and so on?

Other Thoughts

It does seem like the fireworks guy should be put on an extra day retainer. Putting together a day worth of music would be NO problem in Lubbock, Texas. That still leaves you with the extra manpower needed as well as doubling up some other expenses.  As much as I want to to be the genius to make a reschedule do-able, it's just not. All of us here certainly hope you find another satisfying way to celebrate the 4th, you still have all weekend.

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