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Who's ready for another round of complaints?

If you've been following my saga of cheap apartment complaints, you're aware that many small things can bring me displeasure. I'll admit that this one is somewhat minor.

My front door sucks. You have to push/pull it to get the lock to actually click. Usually when I come home my hands are full, so it takes a lot of willpower to get the dang thing unlocked without the use of my other hand. For some reason it also just doesn't open if you turn the knob counter-clockwise. Most people I have over have a lot of trouble leaving because of that.

So my complex has been doing a lot of "renovations" lately. Mostly it's to the vacant apartments next to me (big fan of the sounds of drills and hammers lasting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day), but they've been replacing all of our doors. "Cool," I thought. My door sucks so a new one would help.


It's newer, sure, but I don't think they sealed the thing correctly so now any slight wind makes an AWFUL howling sound. It's way worse than it used to be. Plus, it's been windy as hell lately, so my apartment's been pretty noisy, to say the least.

still have to pull the door to get the lock to click or unlock, too. On top of that problem not being fixed, now my top lock doesn't even go into the door frame all the way. I'm fairly sure if someone gave the door a good shove it'd pop right open.

Peepholes? Who needs 'em? Why would a socially anxious person want to see who's knocking on his door at 5 in the morning?

Could I call the front office and get this stuff fixed? Of course, but you know ya boi's gotta complain when the opportunity arises.

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