The vote that is coming up this Thursday looks to be a sure thing.

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The city council will vote on when to bail on the Coliseum and Auditorium this Thursday. Since council members pushed so hard for this to happen, the vote is probably a shoe-in. I would say that you could expect the demolition on October 2, but Texas Tech promised that the ABC Rodeo would have a home for one more year. Since the rodeo happens in March, you can bet that by April of next year, your memories will be a giant pile of brick dust.

The abandonment of these facilities will be an issue for a long time to come. Myself, I wasn't big on the issue either way. The thing that bothers me is that there is no real plan going forward, or at least one that has presented itself. My guess is that they'll try to drum up some funds for the Civic Center, which is a pretty good place, but not very good for music type acts.  None of this may be an issue because live music seems to be drying up just a bit because there just isn't the plethora of bands out there that there used to be.  Now multiply that by the fact that Lubbock will be down a couple of venues, and it all adds up to a road trip to see the bands that are out there.

It's so strange to see Lubbock promote itself as the home of Buddy Holly and live music, then step on its toes over and over again when it comes to promoting it or having a place for it.

I would like to close this by personally thanking the Coliseum/Auditorium staff past and present for their hospitality. I hope you all move on to bigger and better things.

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