Hateful graffiti at a Lubbock park

Normally, graffiti is not something that would garner attention. In this case, the perpetrators are determined to spread their message of hate, which must be met with an equal response of love and light.

To the haters who want to mess up our parks and waste city resources to cover your garbage, knock it off!

Our new friend who we've dubbed "Protector of the Park," Sarah Johnson, sent us video and pictures showing images of white supremacy that she recently found while trying to enjoy a day of skating.

Thankfully, our community has good folks, like Sarah, willing to speak up and act when they see things like this instead of leaving it for others to find. Imagine if someone from out of town had stopped to visit the park to unwind and saw a swastika or "for the aryan race" painted across a walkway. Is that really the image we want for our city?

Public parks are a luxury for our community, and the City of Lubbock does well enough to maintain and keep up the grounds without the nuisance of some punk spray painting images that denote hatred and bigotry.

Sarah attempted to cover the hateful message while she waited for the city to respond. The Parks and Recreation Department went out the same day to paint over the graffiti, and then followed up with Sarah the next morning to let her know that it had been done. But the jackasses went and put another swastika on the walkway, which the city had to go out again to cover. (A huge shout-out to the city for acting swiftly to cover the nasty-gram.)


It takes extra time, tax dollars and man power to undo the damage done by idiots with nothing better to do with their time than to make ugly the space meant for fun and recreation.

If you're one of these dumb-asses, shame on you. But if you're like the good human who reported this week's moronic message, then kudos to you. It will take calling out and shining a light on the hateful ones to push them back into the shadows where they belong, so if you see someone spreading hate tell them to take a hike or buy a one-way ticket to Russia where they like that sort of thing.

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