I'll try to shorthand this for you. A tenant left a huge mess behind and an elderly couple need help cleaning it up.

The area is at Regis and I-27 and the restaurant in question is the very loved "Mi Taco Village". The elderly couple rented space behind their restaurant to a man who started collecting tires. Believing the man's word that it would only be a few, they allowed this to happen and before they knew it there were thousands and thousands of tires of their property. The man then bailed on his rental leaving all these tires just laying around.

The couple is very much of advanced age and needs help. They are willing to pay for the disposal of the tires but manpower is a problem. They haven't been able to find someone they can afford to help clear the property before they are fined big bucks by the City Of Lubbock (they say the City has been understanding, but it's time to make good on their promises).

Simply put, these folks need trucks, trailers, and hard workers. They've settled on a date of July 31st in which hopefully everyone can get together and get this done. This is right over by my house, and I am glad to sling a few tires to help this couple out. You can follow this story and the thread below. The actual address is 220 Regis and it's across from the Love's Truck Stop. No time has been listed yet, but if you want a workout and/or have a truck or trailer, you could perform a big service for these folks and our community.

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