I'm always looking for tasty treats and eats in our area. From brand-new restaurants to old favorites, Lubbock has some really great food. Bingo halls are not something I've really ever associated with super delicious food, and apparently, I've been missing out. A recent post to the local LBK Foodies Facebook group really makes me want to play a few games of bingo and grab a bite to eat from their snack bar.

Bingo Express, located on the Clovis Highway, seems to be a favorite among local residents. A post mentioned it and commenters jumped at the opportunity to name their favorite foods to munch on while playing a few games. Salads, Frito pies, burgers, nachos, and tacos all look like really big hits among patrons.

I'm clearly not the only person that is a bit surprised by the news. Several others remarked that they had never been and are now looking forward to checking it out. Looks like I have some new date night plans.

I've never had much luck playing bingo, and like many others, I pretty much associate bingo halls with old ladies and cigarette smoke. Maybe that's what has kept me away for so long, but someone pointed out that there is also a smoke-free side for players that are looking to win big and have a good burger.

Might be fun to get out there and try my luck. If I don't hit a bingo, I could at least grab a bite to eat and see if it's really as good as they say.

What do you think about the food at Bingo Express? Comment below this article on our Facebook page.

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