Disclaimer: this is a developing story and details could change. 

It appears that Lubbock's The Fresh American has called it quits-  if Google is to be believed. A search for the restaurant has it listed as "permanently closed." Additionally, The Fresh American's Facebook page is missing.

https://www.thefreshamerican.com/ canva
https://www.thefreshamerican.com/ canva

A commenter on the LBK Foodies page claimed the staff was informed yesterday of the closure. They are also not accepting reservations through the website nor are they answering the phone, but that could be because they are always closed on Mondays.

The Fresh American opened in June 2023 in a beautiful new building on 114th and Memphis with an "upscale casual atmosphere". Unfortunately, the location has been hindered by ongoing construction in the area.

The Fresh American featured "West Coast cuisine with a Texas-inspired twist" with dishes curated by chef Kirk DeLong, an in-house sommelier, and stylish cocktails.

If it is truly closed, it's a shame. I only heard great things about The Fresh American, yet I never managed to have a meal there. Now it appears that I will never get the chance. I also missed out on Burklee Hill, which also recently closed.

If you are looking for an alternative for "upscale casual" in Lubbock, there are other great options, including Claraboya (505 Avenue Q) and The Midnight Shift 1610 Broadway St).

Lubbock is filled to the brim with restaurants, so, naturally, some won't stand the test of time. However, I hate to see unique eateries bite the dust, and I especially hate to see local places shut their doors.

Next time you go out to eat, may I suggest considering a local Lubbock place? You'll likely get a great meal at a great value, all while supporting a local's dreams.

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